Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mac and Chic

My son Matthew has been asking me all summer to make his favorite mac and cheese.  In most cases this would not be a big deal.  There is the familiar blue box accompanied by the pre-packaged bright orange powdered cheese (product) that takes a mere ten minutes to make.  However, this is not the recipe Matthew is referring to.  He is thinking about the elegant mac and cheese that is made with Gruyere and nutmeg.  The one with the tomatoes and fresh breadcrumbs on top.  The one that takes approximately an hour start to finish and uses up lots of dishes.  The one that makes your house smell cozy and inviting.  Yes, this recipe is the one you can serve to grown ups too.  It is so delicious that you place the entire casserole dish in the center of the table because everyone always requests a second helping...and perhaps a third.

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