Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beach Weekend Essentials

This past weekend, after another magnificent weekend on Fire Island, I proudly pointed out to my husband how I have simplified my beach style and tapered my beauty routine down to a mere twenty minutes. Long gone are the days that he would wait endlessly in front of the TV as I battled with my hair and piled on the make-up (only to reapply it after sweating under the hair dryer for thirty minutes).  I would like to say that I had some sort of epiphany but truth be told four children, one suitcase and one outdoor shower will compel you to speed it up.  I must say, showering outdoors while listening to the ocean in the distance is heavenly (as long as someone leaves you hot water) and I would much prefer sipping Rose with friends and watching the sun set than fussing over my appearance any day.  It feels good to be a little older, a little wiser, learn to let go and simply be in the moment.  Here is a list of my packing essentials for a relaxing weekend at the beach.  What are some of your must haves?

Denim cut-offs (similar here)/ Tommy Bahama one-piece suit (similar here)/ J.Crew Tees (similar here)/ Gap chambray shirt/ Aqua cashmere sweater (similar here)/ Straw bag (similar here)/ Michael Kors sunglasses (similar here)/ Target scarves (similar here)/ India Hicks Island Living perfume 

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