Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bowled Over

Similar glass pedestal bowl sold here

Ironically, the wedding gifts that I treasure most were not part of our registry.  My husband and I were naive and downright clueless when a sales associate handed us one of those guns and set us free in the housewares department in Macy's Herald Square.  We were like two kids in a candy shop (quite literally considering we were twenty-four and twenty-five respectively) aimlessly wandering around, half giddy with excitement, half bewildered and overwhelmed.  Despite our young age and our lack of expertise, looking back I am slightly impressed with our choices.  We chose a plain, classic China set (albeit we only registered for eight sets....what was I thinking?), our bedding and linens were neutral and we even managed to be practical (I still use our pots, knife set and most kitchen gadgets... my favorite being our highly useful pizza cutter).  Having said that, we did miss a few key items and so fortunately some very wise and generous guests decided to fill in the gaps.  One of those pieces was a simple yet elegant glass pedestal bowl.  I remember that it arrived in a handsome gray box adorned with a chic silver bow.  Intrigued, I eagerly tore back the tissue to uncover an exquisite centerpiece bowl that I knew would be a prominent fixture in our new home.  Timeless, polished and functional, this bowl has traveled with us from our one bedroom apartment (and a few apartments in between) to our current home and is presently perched on the cocktail ottoman in our living room.  It has survived four children (thus far...I may have just jinxed myself) and four moves and it continues to bring me joy every day.  Here are a few ways I like to display it from casual to refined.


  1. Wow another great post!! Awesome picks. LMB

  2. Gorgeous bowl! and I love your home decor.