Wednesday, May 1, 2013


We live a mere ten minutes from the ocean so we try to get down to the beach as often as possible.  Luckily, for us, we have discovered our own little niche, a circular boardwalk off the beaten path where we like to escape with our four children, breathe in the fresh sea air and decompress.  Although we visit this spot twelve months per year, I must admit I enjoy it more minus the harsh Arctic winds that require four layers of clothing.  This past weekend, we ventured down and it was so refreshing to bask in the warm sun and wear just a light jacket.  It has me looking ahead to long summer days and starry summer nights down by the water's edge.  Here are a few of my must haves post Memorial Day.  What are yours?

1. Bobbi Brown Sunscreen

2. Valencia Straw Tote

3. Scoop Gold Flip -Flops

4. Poupette Coral V Mini Dress

5. J.Crew Ruched Crossover Tank

6. The Great Gatsby

7. Iced Green Tea Lemonade

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