Friday, May 17, 2013

Purple Passion

Growing up, we had a lilac bush on the side of our property and every May, when it peaked, my mother would cut some blooms and arrange them in vases around the house.  I can still recall their divine scent and to this day, I equate the month of May with lilacs.  Lately, I have been envisioning planting two lilac bushes, one in purple and the other in white, alongside my deck.  I have high hopes of leisure afternoons spent sipping iced tea, thumbing through Vogue and breathing in their intoxicating fragrance.  In the meantime, I feel ever so guilty for abandoning my other purple gems, the regal and reliable iris.  As I was pushing my two year old son, Patrick, on his swing this morning, I glanced over at these graceful perennials and reminded myself that May has another beauty, named after the Greek goddess "Iris."  According to legends and mythology, she was the messenger of the gods and the personification of the rainbow who acted as the link between Heaven and Earth.  Pretty impressive, if you ask me....

May's purple blossoms have me suddenly craving this lovely hue in more ways than one.  Here's a few items on my wish list.  What are yours?

1. Cashmere Sweater in Bright Lilac Snow (J.Crew)

2. Crossbody bag in Aster Purple Patent (Cole Haan)

3. Striped Beach Scarf (Calypso St. Barth)

4. Plum/Putty Diamond Pillow Cover (Serena and Lily)

5. Shea Butter Lavender Soap (L'Occitane)


  1. Another beautiful post!

  2. These flowers are beautiful. I inherited some deep purple ones and every spring they make me smile.