Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Daily Delights

Traditionally, summer is perceived as that time of the year when things slow down and life magically becomes uncomplicated.  School and homework are replaced by lazy days at the beach and warm nights spent chasing after fireflies and hunting down the Good Humor truck.  It's great to be a kid, isn't it?  Ironically, for a lot of adults, it is marked by even more scheduled events and commitments.  This summer has been no camp, swim lessons, swim team, and travel baseball.  While I really don't mind shuttling my children around town knowing they are happy and free, I must admit, I do love that time of the day when they are snuggled into bed and my husband and I can enjoy a peaceful moment sipping on our Gimlets out on the deck.  Here are a few more things that recently brought me pleasure in the midst of our daily craziness.  What's on your list?

Loving my new cherry pitter.  You can purchase an even better one here.

This all in one manicure by Sally Hansen leaves me more time to get outside with the kids.  

I gave my daughter's bookcase a face lift with a few coats of mint green paint.  

This line of skin care is paraben free and works great on sensitive skin.

Who doesn't love a bunch of fresh hydrangeas?

My latest obsession is homemade pizza, especially with basil from our garden.

I recently saw the ABT perform Swan Lake at The Met with my mom and Lara...a perfect way to kick off the summer.

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